Could you, your child, and/or your family benefit from True Mind + Body's Nutrition Services? 

Are You...

  • Someone who needs an easy-to-follow, personally tailored meal plan that includes easy recipes and grocery lists for the whole family? 
  • Someone who would like to stop yo-yo dieting and learn to eat in a way that is sustainable but still allows you to be a healthy weight?
  • Someone who has been diagnosed with an eating disorder and needs guidance in how to nourish yourself and feel comfortable with food again? 
  • Someone who wants to learn how to cook healthy meals and eat a well-balanced, healthy diet?
  • Someone who has been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), hypothyroidism, or Type 2 Diabetes and would like to use nutrition to manage your symptoms?
  • Someone who is looking for guidance on meal-planning, grocery shopping, and cooking that works for the whole family (including your pickiest of eaters)?

Is Your child...

  • Wanting to learn how to nourish herself in a healthy way so that she can reach and maintain a healthy weight for her body?
  • Beginning to develop disordered eating habits?
  • Diagnosed with an eating disorder and needing guidance in learning how to nourish himself and feel comfortable around food again?
  • Diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), hypothyroidism, Type 2 Diabetes and looking to learn how to use nutrition to manage her symptoms?
  • A high school athlete who needs meal plans for a high level of activity?
  • Someone who could benefit from learning strategies for eating well and taking care of himself nutritionally while at college? Whether that be cooking for himself, eating in the dining hall, or buying good snacks for his dorm or apartment?


If you answered "yes" to any of questions above, contact us for more information about the nutrition services available at Inpower! 


The initial consultation typically lasts 45-75 minutes. During this time, Tavierney will get a medical and nutrition history. She will also discuss with you your nutrition and overall wellness goals as well as your personal preferences and needs (schedule, dietary restrictions, accountability, level of meal plan). She will begin to discuss what your unique meal plan would look like and a timeline and counseling plan for your goals. After your session is over, Tavierney will write your meal plan outline based on your needs and goals. Your plan will be emailed to you along with some reference materials to get you started on your plan. The cost of the initial consultation includes 2 follow-up emails after you receive your plan.


If needed, Tavierney can write a detailed meal plan with specific meals and snacks and serving sizes based on your meal plan outline. This is done in 3-week increments and includes recipes and grocery lists.  


Follow-up consults can either be 30 or 60 minutes. These sessions are used to discuss obstacles with your meal plan (scheduling issues, change in preference, accountability) as well as adjustments needed according to progress or change in schedule. If you and Tavierney decide a new meal plan is needed due to changes then a 60-minute follow-up will be scheduled. A 60-minute session will be needed to discuss issues/changes and for Tavierney to write a new meal plan. Follow-ups include weekly email check-ins for the duration of counseling. 

Parent Consultation

A parent consultation is a great option for parents who are concerned about their child’s eating habits but think their child might be too young for a counseling session. During this session Tavierney will delve into the eating habits of the child and the family at home and at school. She will then discuss with the parent(s) a strategy to improve the child’s diet and eating habits. This can include a structured food plan, list of snack and dinner ideas, grocery lists, and/or health, easy recipes.  After the initial consultation, follow-ups can either be scheduled with just the parent(s) or with the child and parent(s). 

Cooking and Food Prep Lesson

Tavierney will travel to your house to do a cooking and/or food prep lesson that will last approximately 90 minutes. This lesson can either be focused on learning a few new healthy recipes or learning how to cook and prep healthy meals for the week. Either way you will learn several easy and healthy food preparation skills. When you schedule your lesson Tavierney will discuss with you your goals for the lesson and then email you a grocery list ahead of time so that you are ready to dive in as soon as she gets to your home.


Five 60-minute Follow-ups 

Five 30-minute Follow-ups 

Starter Package (Initial Consultation and Detailed Meal Plan) 

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